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Parker Health™ submits Veterans Affairs Electronic Health Record (EHR) Modernization white paper to U.S. Congress.

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Feature Rich

FHIR Compliant

Parker Suite™ is the only 100% FHIR compliant EHR on the market.

HIPAA Compliant

Parker Suite™ adheres to the physical, administrative, and technical safeguards outlined by HIPAA.

Data Security

Encryption at transport and at rest, and active breach monitors, guards your health information like a sentry.


Use the most advanced electronic health records system in the world.'


Our solution includes a branded iOS and Android app your patients can use to search your healthcare services. Schedule appointments, telehealth, and view and download their data.


Experience the future of healthcare today at home. Mobile integration brings the power of the EHR with practitioners.

Managed Services

Allow our subject matter experts to revolutionize your clinical practice.

Integrated RPM

Utilizing F10k devices, unlock your ability to monitor patients remotely with our EHR integrated solution.

Remote Fitness Monitoring™

Gamify and personalize the patient’s experience, unlock the ability to monitor fitness regimens and nutrition with our EHR-integrated solution

Vinny A.I.™ & DX Tools

Experience your health data in a whole new way. Vinny A.I.™ continuously runs intelligent functions on your PHI to help you make faster clinical decisions.

Staff & Practitioner Management

Intelligent scheduling and credentialing provide automation, freedom, and accountability for practitioners and support staff.


All our solutions integrate with the Innovative Health Interoperability Consortium, making it easy to share your data across a continuum of care.

Webhook Enabled

Parker Suite™ is developer and 3rd party friendly. Quickly push FHIR data into other products you use by connecting to our webhooks. Receive notification and JSON data on events such as creates, updates, deletes, etc.


Say goodbye to GPO's and PBM's, experience the future of e-Prescribing to include DME, wholesale, and real-time prior authorization.



  • Patient/Practitioner
  • Encounter/Observation/Condition/Procedure
  • Device/Device Metric
  • Research Study/Research Subject
  • CareTeam/Medication/Claim
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Parker Suite™ adheres to the physical, administrative, and technical safeguards outlined by HIPAA.

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