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Welcome to Parker Health! You're joining the future of healthcare, developing state-of-the-art technologies, creating interoperability, advancing research, and being a disruptor! At Parker Health, we are built with a relentless mindset, adaptable capabilities, culture, and the necessary human values to lead and develop the next generation's health system. As a company, it is our mission to ensure that every person, regardless of socioeconomic class, race, or sexual orientation, has access to affordable quality medical care 24/7, 365 days a year.

We are committed to disruption and innovation! We are focused on creating a healthcare ecosystem that is innovative, practical, efficient, and encompassing those who experience care, those who provide care, and those who pay for care. This is Healthcare you can believe in.

We’re tirelessly dedicated to helping people live healthier lives, empower our most vulnerable, and to rapidly create a healthcare ecosystem that works for all! With the build-out of our own clinics, proprietary EHR & RPM SaaS, and FDA cleared biometric wearables we have moved medicine and healthcare to new heights. We're even more proud to have partnered with some of the globe's most renowned research/development facilities, Technology giants, governmental agencies, and NGOs, who are committed to our long-term goal of innovation, increased access to care, affordability, and enhancing the overall care experience for our patients, staff, and communities at-large.

I believe access to healthcare is an inalienable right for all. Let’s get to work!

Our Company

At Parker Health, we're not just another biotechnology company; trailblazing minority-led leadership; and innovation. Our mission is crystal clear: to propel healthcare and technology into the next century. We believe in simplifying the complexities of healthcare and turning the untapped potential of digital health innovation into reality.

Central to our pioneering spirit is the groundbreaking Parker Suite™ – an all-encompassing Electronic Health Records (EHR) Management System designed to transcend boundaries. Proudly boasting the title of America's inaugural FHIR-built platform, our Suite redefines interoperability, accessibility, and compliance. This innovation isn't merely transformative; it's a revolution that empowers patients, healthcare providers, systems, governments, researchers, and payors alike. Through a seamless cloud-based architecture, the Parker Suite™ harmonizes patient-centric data, biometrics, diagnostics, patient outcomes, care protocols, practitioner engagement, pharmaceutical insights, and much more.

At Parker Health, we understand that access to quality healthcare should be both transparent and affordable. That's why we proudly introduce ParkerCare™ – a transformative healthcare subscription service designed to ease the burden of medical expenses while ensuring peace of mind for our members. Our members enjoy comprehensive coverage without the complexity of deductibles, contracts, or copays. We believe in transparency, and all medical services and procedures are pre-negotiated at fixed rates, which are reviewed and updated annually.

Nestled at the forefront of our accomplishments is the distinction of pioneering the nation's first smart hospital. In our unyielding quest to reimagine healthcare, we have brought the future to the present by establishing a groundbreaking model of patient care. This smart hospital stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation, seamlessly integrating advanced technologies, real-time data analytics, and unparalleled patient experiences. With this milestone, Parker Health has once again elevated the standards of healthcare delivery, solidifying our position as trailblazers in the convergence of cutting-edge biotechnology and visionary healthcare solutions.

In every aspect, Parker Health represents a catalyst for transformation. We're a movement rooted in heritage and propelled by innovation. Our journey revolves around a steadfast mission to usher healthcare and technology into a brighter future. From our groundbreaking Parker Suite™ to the first-of-its-kind smart hospital and transformative ParkerCare™ subscription service, we're rewriting the rules of healthcare for the better.

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Parker Health is committed to advancement of medicine, simplifying the complexities of healthcare, and delivering equitable results.

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