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What Do You Get with Parker?

Parker Suite™ is a centralized solution say goodbye to siloed patient data. We’re on a mission to simplify the complexities of healthcare. The Parker Suite™ revolutionizes healthcare interoperability, preventive medicine, clinical trial programs, accessibility to care, biometrics, diagnostics, and more.

Electronic Health Record

Powered by Parker™- a full stack Health Management System™ that reimagines the delivery, management, quality, and application of modern healthcare. 

At the fingertips of patients, providers, payors, researchers, and health systems our transformative platform garners access to  Electronic Health Records (EHR), Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM), Remote Fitness Monitoring™ (RFM), Telemedicine, Bioinformatics/Population Health, and Vinny A.I.™  & Diagnostic (Dx) tools, which provide accurate and powerful interoperable outcomes for patients, doctors, nurses, payors, researchers, and health systems.

FHIR Compliant

Parker Suite™ healthcare management system is the only 100% FHIR compliant EHR on the market.

Staff & Practitioner Management

Manage your practitioners and operational staff. Edit their detailed information and set alerts for credential expirations.

Vinny A.I.™

All clinical notes are processed through our health artificial intelligence, allowing the system to automatically identify thousands of procedures, conditions, and medications.

Integrated Telehealth

There is no need for third-party services to provide your patients and staff with telehealth capabilities. Our telehealth solution is integrated directly into Parker Suite™, allowing you access to patients’ records during calls.

Integrated Voice Dication

No need for 3rd party dictation services or hiring a full-staff dictator. Our integrated voice recognition A.I. will help your practitioners speed up clinical notes.

Room Assignments

Easy assign and identify where patients are receiving services within any of your facilities. Our drag and drop room management system gives you a single view of your occupancy.

Advanced Scheduling

Intelligent scheduling provides automation and places the power into practitioners' hands. Single appointment view for practitioner ease and location assignment automation.

Facility & Inventory Management

Manage all your facilities and associated rooms within the system. Assign static and usable inventory to each facility to track your organization’s supplies from a single view. Even receive alerts when stock is low.

Research Studies

The Parker Suite™ is designed to help researchers gather, store, and quantify valuable study data with ease.

Patient Grouping

Organize patients into groups for research studies or population health intervention.

Indepth Search

Search all notes, documents, encounters, conditions, procedures, patients, etc. with ease. Our platform-wide search returns all results, regardless of the type, from as little as a few letters.


We help practitioners service communities better, by providing identifying information that is integrated into the medical record.

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